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The pot plant
On the difficulty of killing God.
Portrait of a confident man
Struggles of the amateur philosopher
Reassuring Rufus
The reinvention of romance
Engage, don’t turn away. There’s nowhere more interesting to turn to.
Working on The Boat, or, The Gamble of Absurdity
To the “Other” you are other. So Everything is Other. So there is no “other.” So All is One.
The Resurrection of Dreams
The Alignment of Dreams
The Incubation of Dreams
“The two skies.”
“In us are hubris and genius so intertwined you cannot tell one from the other. Glorious the dance that results, between reality and her lovers.”
“A portrait of a woman and her energy field.”
Nothing will stop the music.
Timber and Eddie knew they couldn’t afford to go too close to the edge. They knew that if the humans dropped the ball they wouldn’t be able to stop themselves going over to get it.
The war of love and time
Ode to Orgasm (of body or spirit)
Child of space…
A choice of two tunnels.
Peace Storm
Peace Storm (detail)