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The moment of perfect balance
Listening to the ones who’ve got away
We are all of the sub-species Homo-Absurdis. Always searching for what we’ve already found
Quiet everywhere and bliss, as if everything delights in this
On Becoming
Marrying Life Itself
The Dress
The Great Connect
Making Butterlies
George lost many years to thought
A stolen life
Standing with the land
Ascendant Love, will you keep up, with all the people a life-partner will be, over the span of a lifetime?
“A meeting of beautiful minds.”
“Behold man. Waiting for a car to stop that he may safely cross.”
“SPLASH” (An ode to orgasm)
“Portrait of the artist in middle-age.”
Let us see what threats and horrors lurk in the guts of the oppressor! (for “Hieronymus Bosch in Africa”)
The art of Art
” ‘Madam, you are an inspiration to us all’.”
Portrait of a Soul
Meditating Upon the Meditator