Peter van Straten Art by Peter van Straten

Short Stories

Every couple of years I write a book of short stories by accident. If I think they’re any good I have someone tie me to a chair, grit my teeth and edit them. When they’re edited I I send them off to about three publishers who then say “no thankyou, not at the moment.” Then the process is finished until next time.
I put the stories up on the website and and carry on painting.

Most of these are from a collection called “In the Garden of the Shadow Fish.”

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  • Dawn
  • I
  • In defence of happiness
  • Mallet
  • Maya
  • MOTH
  • Mother
  • Opulia
  • The Fool’s Largess
  • The girl on the diving board
  • The most beautiful day in the world
  • The Sword and the potato
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