Peter van Straten Art by Peter van Straten

If you’re not ready to leave the closet, at least make some calls…
Oil on canvas, 1,4m x 1,8m
The two bells
Only those who hear both bells (the large one in the world, and the small one deep inside) will be able to align themselves, with all the planet’s other lives. Oil on canvas, 90cm x 120cm.
into her
Oil on canvas, 90cm x 120cm. 2023
Ode to the individual
All hail the individual/Just doing his little best/Either finding his own way in life/Or tagging along with the rest. Oil on canvas, 120cm x 60cm. 2023 remix.
The planet of her
Is it made of mystery or love?This gravity that holds you secure/Always pacing around/The planet of her. Oil on canvas, 120cm x 90cm. 2023
The game of surprise
To animate the static/Art and life surprise/Glowing through brick and mortar/To give us younger eyes. Oil on canvas,120cm x 90cm. 2023
the hiding
Hidings have gone out of vogue/But perhaps they should still be received/By parents who have reneged on their dreams. Oil on canvas, 90cm x 70cm. 2023
Following the Helix

Oil on canvas, 120cm x 60cm
Competing with lighthouses
Oil on canvas, diameter 60cm
Hailing a change
Oil on canvas, 160cm x 120cm