Peter van Straten Art by Peter van Straten

The island is as curious about the visitor as the visitor is curious about the island
We are all of the sub-species Homo-Absurdis. Always searching for what we’ve already found
Quiet everywhere and bliss, as if everything delights in this
On Becoming
Marrying Life Itself
The Unerring line
The Dress
The Great Connect
Making Butterlies
The Fig
George lost many years to thought
A stolen life
Reassuring Rufus
The Art of Evening
The reinvention of romance
Standing with the land
You whom the past has blessed and cursed with comfort, do not fear what is to come
Engage, don’t turn away. There’s nowhere more interesting to turn to.
Working on The Boat, or, The Gamble of Absurdity
To the “Other” you are other. So Everything is Other. So there is no “other.” So All is One.
Ascendant Love, will you keep up, with all the people a life-partner will be, over the span of a lifetime?