Peter van Straten Art by Peter van Straten

Bursting into birds
I dream for you of the day / When your joy is no longer deferred / When you finally emerge from your maze / The day that you burst into birds. Oil on canvas 120cm x 90cm
Faith in transformation
If I jump into transformation, will I fall or fly / Remember that even the brave feel this question, before they take to the sky
The sovereign land
How nice it would be, being ungoverned / Like some floating, sovereign land / No longer having to dance to a beat / That your feet just don’t understand. Oil on canvas, 120cm x 90cm
The sovereign land (detail)
The guru and the wave
We will try to stop time / With medicine, science or trance / But nature adors her cycles / And time is her partner in dance
The laughing flame
The divine is everywhere manifest / Though God likes to hide from us humans / But if you happen to meet It / Do compliment Its divine sense of humour
A love deserved
When you finally discover / The joy of selfhood’s charms / the Other you desire / Will fall straight into your arms
There’s always someone, somewhere, at peace.
Imagine a book, a friend, a beautiful day / Sometimes that’s all the paintbrush needs to say
First flight
Oh do stay in touch with the original you / So excitable, so light / Don’t go mistaking challenges for burdens / And become too heavy for flight
The grateful glimpse – an interview with Peter van Straten