Peter van Straten Art by Peter van Straten

Hear the artist talk about selected works on Youtube

Hear the artist talk about selected works on Youtube .

Delirium Equilibrium
What a dream to be in it, this busy world, swirling its delirium. Chaos burning, flapping, chirping, splashing, dancing with equilibrium.
Brief Guests
We run through this land, mysterious, shifting place. Generation after generation, brief guests in time and space.
The pot plant
Delight in your metamorphosis, whatever shape it takes. It may require no more accoutrement than tai chi and green paint. Oil on canvas
To walk and talk with an old friend, nothing needing explaining or proving. Right at home in each other, what could be more soothing? Oil on canvas
A gift for Mondrian
Poor old Mondrian, let’s give him a treat. Place spheres on the Dutch landscape and pray that they bring him relief. Oil on canvas
Letting life in again
Letting life in again, through arteries forbidden to harden. Like the touch of a lover’s hand, reaching from a neighbouring garden. Oil on canvas
Downloading grace
Finally acknowledging limitation, finally just alone. Finally acknowledging process, finally still in the flow. Oil on canvas
Exploding life
In every tamed place, hides the secret lode. Of a million miraculous seeds, waiting to explode. Oil on canvas
Daughter of space
What a thing to be washed in the water of space, what miraculous grace. Child of nature, daughter of space. Oil on canvas
Set Camp
Inexorably drawn to higher ground, uneasy down below. Wanting to be quiet, needing to take things slow. Oil on canvas