Peter van Straten Art by Peter van Straten

Evolutionary Eureka
What a moment : the eye! With it the birth of self / And wondering / What lies beyond the sky. Oil on canvas, 120cm x 90cm

Evolutionary eureka (detail)
The Anchor
It’s a great responsibility, being her anchor. You can’t let her fly too high, but neither must you cramp her.
Return to the fountain
Don’t forget you can return to the fountain, whenever you like. It is all around and inside you, hidden in plain sight.
Return to the fountain (detail)
The breath of life
The greatest miracle of all / At the heart of African life / So many who have nothing / yet still emit warmth and light
The breath of life (detail)
The breath of life (detail)
The Bell
Imagine a slave sustained by this belief: that one day the bell will be rung / by a descendant, simply for fun
The subtlest joy the heart has felt? What else but friendship with the self